• Pharmaceutical


    Pharmaceutical production must to keep the product safe. Any form of compressed air will contain particles of contaminants. These may cause operation issues and lead to production quality issues. These will tend to occur if the process air comes into contact with the pro...
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  • Electronic Equipment

    Electronic Equipment

    High technology and sensitive equipment is used to manufacture electronic components. Large investment should be protected at all times. Oil and dust contamination in the compressed air can result in expensive maintenance costs and, in extreme cases, a complete productio...
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  • Food & Package

    Food & Package

    Food safety is always our concern. Oil-free compressors ensure air purity and avoid any possible airborne contamination as much as possible. Whether used for sorting and picking, mixing, aerating materials or injecting and filling products, compressed air used in food an...
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  • Metallurgy & Metalworking

    Metallurgy & Metalworking

    Compressed air applications in metal production, air compressors can offer air power to be used in like blast furnaces, coke production, oxygen furnace, air mixture, heat treatment and cooling. Recommended Products ...
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  • Surface Construction

    Surface Construction

    Portable air compressor and drilling rigs are widely used in road and railway construction. Portable air compressor is flexible moving and can provide strong power for working. Drilling rigs can help you performance perfect in road and railway. Recomme...
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  • Tunnel Construction

    Tunnel Construction

    Underground working environment is always complicated, our drilling rig which is movable to help you work safely. Special attention should be paid to air quality in a narrow underground working environment. Air compressors can used as a pneumatic energy source, cleaning ...
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  • Water Conservancy Project

    Water Conservancy Project

    The water well drilling rig can be dues in water well project and geothermal drilling for hot spring, the crawler made by rubber and steel can satisfied different ground surface. Portable air compressors and deep well air compressors will be your strong and reliable powe...
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  • Mining and Quarrying

    Mining and Quarrying

    Our integrated and split drilling rigs and portable air compressors can be used in surface mining, quarrying and cave mining, they are suitable for different working environments and can meet your different power needs. Compressed air is often used as an energy source to...
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